the frank daniels discographies & labelographies project

FRANK DANIELS HAS BEEN COLLECTING RECORDS for a long time. Somewhere along the way, he started collecting all sorts of record-related data and information. For years now, he has been researching, compiling, assembling, and publishing several incredibly detailed and accurate Frank Daniels discographies (listings of records) and labelographies (breakdowns on the visual changes in the label designs of a given record company).


some random observations and untouched territories (we buy white albums part 10)

THIS FINAL (FOR NOW) PART of my take on the Rutherford Chang “We Buy White Albums” project starts with a few observations that didn’t make it into the first nine parts and ends with my totally subjective response to and opinion of THE WHITE ALBUM, then and now. There will eventually be an eleventh part that will be a price guide to the American pressings CONTINUE READING

how donovan turned the beatles on to a new direction (we buy white albums part 9)

THIS IS A BIT OF MEANDERING regarding the Beatles in 1968 and the making of THE WHITE ALBUM. We look bak more than two years to January 1966, when Donovan Leitch recorded one of the first pop-rock songs that hinted at psychedelia, Sunshine Superman. It was a completely new style and direction for the Scottish troubadour: in one fell swoop he went from Dylan emulator CONTINUE READING

the beatles unplugged feels strangely modern (we buy white albums part 7)

ON JUNE 1, 1967, THE BEATLES released their long awaited eighth album, SGT. PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND. It was released to most of the western world. The fame prestige success influence of the Beatles leaped upwards exponentially, reaching levels unprecedented for any type of “star,” be it artist or entertainer.

And just as no one expected the kind of success that greeted the album, CONTINUE READING

why the continuing fascination with this album? (we buy white albums part 6)

UPON RELEASE IN NOVEMBER 1968, the Beatles’ ninth album proper was met with less than the proper hosannas due the group. There was praise, but it was not the universal acclaim to which they had become based on most of their previous efforts. It came the delayed follow-up to the still-smarting hurt that was their made-for-the-telly extravaganza, MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR. 1

This handmade special had CONTINUE READING

they have character, don’t they (we buy white albums part 5)

THIS FIFTH PART OF “WE BUY WHITE ALBUMS” is an interlude between meatier parts. The first section below is based on a broadcast of New York disc-jockey Paul Cavalconte’s Vinyl Experience. This show aired live from the Recess, the gallery in the Soho district of New York Ciy where Rutherford Chang opened his ‘store.’ to display nothing but used copies of the Beatles’ WHITE CONTINUE READING

swirling around in the middle of a tornado (we buy white albums part 4)

IN FEBRUARY 2013, THE NEW YORK TIMES had reported briefly on an art exhibit in the city titled “We Buy White Album” by conceptual artist Rutherford Chang. He had bought and collected hundreds of copies of THE WHITE ALBUM. He displayed his collection by setting up a fake record store that only ‘sold’ copies of this one album. 1

That article inspired “What It Sounds CONTINUE READING