the frank daniels discographies & labelographies project

FRANK DANIELS HAS BEEN COL­LECT­ING RECORDS for a long time. Some­where along the way, he started col­lect­ing all sorts of record-related data and in­for­ma­tion. For years now, he has been re­search­ing, com­pil­ing, as­sem­bling, and pub­lish­ing sev­eral in­cred­i­bly de­tailed and ac­cu­rate Frank Daniels discogra­phies (list­ings of records) and la­be­l­o­gra­phies (break­downs on the vi­sual changes in the la­bel de­signs of a given record com­pany). Here, for the first time EVER, is a list of all of Mr D's pub­lished discogra­phies (list­ings of records) and la­be­l­o­gra­phies (break­downs on the vi­sual changes in the la­bel de­signs of a given record com­pany). Note that all… Con­tinue Read­ing the frank daniels discogra­phies & la­be­l­o­gra­phies project

some random observations and untouched territories (we buy white albums part 10)

THIS FI­NAL (FOR NOW) PART of my take on the Ruther­ford Chang "We Buy White Al­bums" project starts with a few ob­ser­va­tions that didn't make it into the first nine parts and ends with my to­tally sub­jec­tive re­sponse to and opin­ion of THE WHITE AL­BUM, then and now. There will even­tu­ally be an eleventh part that will be a price guide to the Amer­i­can press­ings of the al­bum; this might take a lit­tle time re­search­ing. Let's start at the be­gin­ning, in late 1968: I had just turned 17 and was a de­vout Elvis fan. I had spent the past few years… Con­tinue Read­ing some ran­dom ob­ser­va­tions and un­touched ter­ri­to­ries (we buy white al­bums part 10)

how donovan turned the beatles on to a new direction (we buy white albums part 9)

THIS IS A BIT OF ME­AN­DER­ING re­gard­ing the Beat­les in 1968 and the mak­ing of THE WHITE AL­BUM. We look bak more than two years to Jan­u­ary 1966, when Dono­van Leitch recorded one of the first pop-rock songs that hinted at psy­che­delia, Sun­shine Su­per­man. It was a com­pletely new style and di­rec­tion for the Scot­tish trou­ba­dour: in one fell swoop he went from Dy­lan em­u­la­tor to a har­bin­ger of the new era of con­scious­ness ex­pan­sion and spir­i­tual awak­en­ing. 1 He was also one of the first en­ter­tain­ers to don the new era's trap­pings, in­clud­ing flow­ers, robes, beads, and such soon-to-be New… Con­tinue Read­ing how dono­van turned the beat­les on to a new di­rec­tion (we buy white al­bums part 9)

the beatles unplugged could have been the off-white album (we buy white albums part 8)

THE BEAT­LES BE­GAN WORK on the ses­sions that would be­come THE WHITE AL­BUM on May 30, 1968. They were com­pleted on Oc­to­ber 15, and the al­bum re­leased a few weeks later. On The Beat­les Bible web­site (“Not quite as pop­u­lar as Je­sus”), there is a list of the known tracks on the boots and a very brief de­scrip­tion of what dif­fer­en­ti­ates the demos from the re­leased record­ing. The list of tracks here fol­lows the tracks on the UN­PLUGGED al­bum linked to above. Each ti­tle is fol­lowed by the pri­mary writer and lead vo­cal­ist. My re­sponses fol­low in rusty-brown print: •  Cry Baby Cry (Lennon): a… Con­tinue Read­ing the beat­les un­plugged could have been the off-white al­bum (we buy white al­bums part 8)

the beatles unplugged feels strangely modern (we buy white albums part 7)

ON JUNE 1, 1967, THE BEAT­LES re­leased their long awaited eighth al­bum, SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND. It was re­leased to most of the west­ern world. The fame pres­tige suc­cess in­flu­ence of the Beat­les leaped up­wards ex­po­nen­tially, reach­ing lev­els un­prece­dented for any type of “star,” be it artist or en­ter­tainer. And just as no one ex­pected the kind of suc­cess that greeted the al­bum, no one ex­pected that the al­bum and its suc­cess was the peak of the Beat­les' ca­reer as the world's fa­vorite per­son­al­i­ties. 1 Alas, noth­ing the four mem­bers ever did would ap­proach the achieve­ments or accolades—I could… Con­tinue Read­ing the beat­les un­plugged feels strangely mod­ern (we buy white al­bums part 7)

why the continuing fascination with this album? (we buy white albums part 6)

UPON RE­LEASE IN NO­VEM­BER 1968, the Beat­les' ninth al­bum proper was met with less than the proper hosan­nas due the group. There was praise, but it was not the uni­ver­sal ac­claim to which they had be­come based on most of their pre­vi­ous ef­forts. It came the de­layed follow-up to the still-smarting hurt that was their made-for-the-telly ex­trav­a­ganza, MAG­I­CAL MYS­TERY TOUR. 1 This hand­made spe­cial had been broad­cast dur­ing the Christ­mas week of 1967, and was the group's first real fail­ure since be­com­ing the Fab Four. It left a sour af­ter­taste in some observer's mind's mouths, as well as at least two of the Beat­les.… Con­tinue Read­ing why the con­tin­u­ing fas­ci­na­tion with this al­bum? (we buy white al­bums part 6)

they have character, don't they (we buy white albums part 5)

THIS FIFTH PART OF "WE BUY WHITE AL­BUMS" is an in­ter­lude be­tween meatier parts. The first sec­tion be­low is based on a broad­cast of New York disc-jockey Paul Cavalconte's Vinyl Ex­pe­ri­ence. This show aired live from the Re­cess, the gallery in the Soho dis­trict of New York Ciy where Ruther­ford Chang opened his 'store.' to dis­play noth­ing but used copies of the Beat­les' WHITE AL­BUM. This show aired on March 1, 2013, and is al­most one hour in length. Mr Cav­al­conte be­gins: 1 “We’re on lo­ca­tion this week in New York’s Soho gallery Re­cess for artist Ruthe­ford Chang’s ex­hibit We Buy White Al­bums. 650… Con­tinue Read­ing they have char­ac­ter, don't they (we buy white al­bums part 5)