the pseudo-psychedelic sounds of chad & jeremy (“of cabbages and kings”)

BY THE SECOND HALF OF 1966, Chad & Jeremy’s fifteen minutes of fame as Top 40 pop artists was obviously over. Rather than sack it all, they decided to do what all the other serious rock artists were doing—become album artists. “The Pseudo-Psychedelic Sounds Of Chad & Jeremy” is a three-part essay that addresses the music that they made and released on three albums in

the avid collector’s guide to wild in the streets part 1

was not about bikers, babes, and devils. While “Wild In The Streets” was another American International Pictures exploitational B-movie, it was also a clever combination of sociopolitical satire, black humor, and some genuinely good rock & roll. The Avid Collector’s Guide to Wild In The Streets Part 1 addresses the records associated with that movie and its music. 1


I know where manchester is—do you know who the hollies are?

THE HOLLIES ARE FROM MANCHESTEReveryone knows that, right? Hah! I bumped into a young couple at the Bellevue Transit Center. Good looking guy, very pretty girl. Both in their mid 20s, both spick-and-spanned and nicely attired. When we exchanged “Hellos” I heard the accent and asked them from which part of England they hailed.

“Manchester!” he said.

“Ah,” said I. “The home of CONTINUE READING