hyperbolic exaggeration in pop culture and miss patsy cline

HIS ARTICLE SEEMS TO BE ABOUT PATSY CLINE. But it’s not—at least, not primarily. Primarily it’s about hyperbolic exaggeration in describing the accomplishments of popular stars, regardless of whether the artist needs such embellishment to shine among other stars. Fans of any field of artistic or athletic endeavor are given to excessive bragging about their faves, whether it’s rock bands or comic book artists or

rock and rollin’ with fats domino at wikipedia

I AM WORKING ON A PIECE here on Rather Rare Records that inspired this brief piece below. It’s titled “what was the first rock & roll LP album of the ’50s?” and at one point I turned to Wikipedia for information. Specifically, I was interested in determining the release date of Fats Domino’s first album, Rock And Rollin’ With Fats Domino. Hooboy, but I wasn’t prepared CONTINUE READING