the pseudo-psychedelic sounds of chad & jeremy (“of cabbages and kings”)

BY THE SECOND HALF OF 1966, Chad & Jeremy’s fifteen minutes of fame as Top 40 pop artists was obviously over. Rather than sack it all, they decided to do what all the other serious rock artists were doing—become album artists. “The Pseudo-Psychedelic Sounds Of Chad & Jeremy” is a three-part essay that addresses the music that they made and released on three albums in 1967-1968: the studio albums OF CABBAGES AND KINGS and THE ARK and the soundtrack album to the movie 3 IN THE ATTIC.

These records reflect the pop-oriented, sorta-psychedelic rock of many English musicians of the ’60s and have long been held in contempt by older aficionados and collectors of genuine Sixties Psych. Which is too bad, as the three albums are fine recordings and enjoyable artifacts of the era. ~

Chad & Jeremy’s final albums on their contract with Columbia were OF CABBAGES AND KINGS and THE ARK. Both were elaborate creations that reflected the times and were a collaboration with staff producer Gary Usher. The equally psych-pop soundtrack album 3 IN THE ATTIC was mostly the work of Stuart, who arranged and produced the album as well as performing the music.

So few people bought or even listened to these records in the ’60s that it essentially curtailed the duo’s career in the music business. In fact, the two Columbia albums were among the company’s biggest money-losers of the late ’60s. In the years that followed, these albums were almost uniformly dismissed by rock music aficionados and especially by psych collectors. *

These three essays that make up “The Pseudo-Psychedelic Sounds Of Chad & Jeremy” were originally published in 2014 as a five-part series titled “Of Cabbages And Kings, Of Arks And Attics.” At the time, I was a novice with websites: I didn’t understand how to construct a ‘readable’ article, or even how to include images! **

The original articles have been edited, rearranged, and given a facelift. There is little in the way of new content, just a better looking pair of articles that should make for a more enjoyable read. Please read these essays in this order:

• Part 1, Of Cabbages And Kings
• Part 2, The Ark
• Part 3, Three In The Attic