“kid” tobelman vs. “sugar ray” umphred in a knockdown SMiLEdown

This article has been expanded, then consolidated with another article, and then retitled and republished as “a conversation on Brian Wilson and SMILE.”

One Reply to ““kid” tobelman vs. “sugar ray” umphred in a knockdown SMiLEdown”

  1. BILL TOBELMAN wrote this in a private email to me: “I like it a lot Neal; reads nicely as a long piece. Nice job except for one thing—the boxing theme brings to mind a Beach Boys track, “Cassius Love vs. Sonny Wilson” on the SHUT DOWN VOLUME 2 album (1964). My hang-up is that I’m in the Mike Love position and you’re in the Brian Wilson position. Nobody wants to be the Mike Love in anything! On the other-hand Clay did knock Liston out . . .

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